Tools for transformation: How IBM is scaling enterprise growth


Scaling is simple when companies are small, but the larger the organization, the bigger a challenge it is to maintain that growth.

This webinar will help you revolutionize the way you think about growth in your organization. Save your seat to get informed about the latest large-scale growth processes and tool stacks for enterprises.

Casper and Jason will dissect the approach that tech giant IBM takes. They will uncover insights that are especially useful if you’re working in a business with 50,000+ employees and seeking fresh ways to approach growth.


Casper Rouchmann

Traffic Manager // Growth Hacker, Templafy

Casper Rouchmann is Templafy’s Traffic Manager and Growth Hacker. He is a frequent guest speaker at tech conferences around the world, and a regular on podcasts and webinars talking all things growth-hacking related.

Jason Barbato

Global Growth Lead, IBM

Jason is a data-driven marketer, working with startups, SMBs, and enterprises for over a decade. He's spent the last three years scaling the growth hacking discipline at IBM, winning several awards for experiments within product experiences.