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Product videos

Templafy integrated in Microsoft Office

1,226 views March 01, 2017

Templafy integrates with the office suites used by companies every day, to automate brand...


iManage integration with Templafy

381 views December 19, 2018

How iManage and Templafy work together


How to create a letter in Word Online using...

239 views September 18, 2018

How Templafy enables you to create letters using Word Online

Product videos

Dynamic use of text elements

314 views July 31, 2018

How to use dynamic templates and text elements to build documents


Templafy Implementation Process v. 1

379 views June 04, 2018

7-minute walk through of the Templafy implementation process with specific focus on:...


Newsletter Demo

377 views May 17, 2018

How to create a newsletter using Templafy library features


How to manage company data using Templafy

388 views May 04, 2018

How Templafy helps you store and manage all the data for your organization


Manage email signatures

666 views May 03, 2018

How to manage multiple work email signatures using Templafy's email signature manager


Templafy in Outlook

676 views May 03, 2018

How Templafy works in Outlook


How to insert text elements into a Word document

807 views May 03, 2018

How text elements stored in the Templafy library can be uploaded into a Word document


How to open a template in Word

1,354 views May 03, 2018

How to open a template from the Templafy library in a Word document


How to add an image to a Word document

518 views May 03, 2018

How to add an image from the Templafy image library to a Word Document