Happy Winter Holidays from Templafy

July 03, 2020
What's your favorite holiday tradition? ✨

We asked a few Templafyers who come from near and far-away places, what they love most about the holiday season and what their unique holiday traditions are.

With 44 different nationalities at Templafy, you might not be familiar with all the ways that our colleagues celebrate the holidays.

Find out more about country-specific celebrations in our video, which includes:

Shola sharing his amazing early-morning breakfast holiday celebration in Nigeria.

Hayley talking about the gorgeous Australian weather in December.

Casper and Glen explaining the Danish tradition of dancing around the tree.

We’ve recorded these stories and more, to find out about the cultural traditions and stories we all have as we get ready to travel to holiday celebrations and enjoy the festive season.

It's been an unforgettable 2019 at Templafy - together we've grown so much and have exciting plans for 2020.

Happy holidays from everyone at Templafy!