Product videos

Templafy integrated in Microsoft Office

791 views March 01, 2017

Templafy integrates with the office suites used by companies every day, to automate brand...

Brand videos

Spread your brand success through employees

20 views March 21, 2019

On this video Co-founder of Templafy, Christian Lund, shares three rules on how to empower all...

Brand videos

Most valuable brands globally

92 views March 08, 2019

Congratulations on making it to the top 500 most valuable brands in the world! On this video...



26 views March 01, 2019

Product videos

Use case - Distribution and access of document assets

75 views January 24, 2019

This video focuses on how Templafy solves distribution and access to company templates and...

Product videos

Dynamic use of text elements

169 views July 31, 2018

How to use dynamic templates and text elements to build documents


Webinar: Say Goodbye to Document Anarchy - Streamlining...

191 views June 20, 2018

How can your organization cut time off document creation and stay on-brand in Microsoft Office?...


2018-06-21 MediaSterling x Templafy webinar.mp4

157 views June 19, 2018

Webinar with MediaSterling and Templafy. Rod Lambert and Christian Lund


Webinar - JSR & Templafy: Samenwerken in Stijl

107 views June 20, 2018

Moderne organisaties zijn continu op zoek naar nieuwe en slimme mogelijkheden om samen te werken....


Templafy Implementation Process v. 1

160 views June 04, 2018

7-minute walk through of the Templafy implementation process with specific focus on:...


Templafy Implementation Process v.2

195 views June 07, 2018

7-minute walk through of how to implement Templafy focusing on implementation phases,...

Recorded Templafy demo's

Newsletter Demo

178 views May 17, 2018

How to create a newsletter using Templafy library features

Recorded Templafy demo's

How to manage company data using Templafy

201 views May 04, 2018

How Templafy helps you store and manage all the data for your organization

Recorded Templafy demo's

Manage email signatures

335 views May 03, 2018

How to manage multiple work email signatures using Templafy's email signature manager